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What Novetropin is and what it is used for:

Your medicine, or rather the medicine that will take care of you, is called Novetropin. It contains growth hormone, which is also called Somatropin. Novetropin is produced by a special process known as recombinant DNA technology. It has the same structure as the growth hormone produced by the human body.
Growth hormone regulates the growth and development of cells in the human body. When it stimulates the growth of cells in the spine and in the long bones of the legs, growth hormone causes weight gain.

In growth hormone deficiency, the hormone also increases bone mineral content, the number and size of muscle cells, and also reduces body fat.

Novetropin is used for:

– In the treatment of children and adolescents with some of the following growth disorders:

  •  Insufficient production of growth hormone (growth hormone deficiency);
  • Absence of all or deficiency of X-chromosomes in women of short stature (Turner’s syndrome);
  • A condition in which the kidneys are damaged (chronic kidney problems) in children before puberty and growth retardation.
  • Smaller by birth.

In the treatment of adults who have confirmed growth hormone deficiency in early childhood or adolescence.

If you need a more complete description of the properties and action of the medicine, you can find such information in the product leaflet. You can get a detailed description there.

Novetropin is capable of exerting a highly pronounced anti-catabolic and anabolic effect by breaking down proteins and increasing their synthesis, thereby reducing fat tissue, increasing the rate of fat burning processes and improving the ratio between muscle mass and fat. Also among the effects should be mentioned the muscle hyperplasia, the improved absorption of calcium by the bone tissue, the effect on the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, and also the immunostimulating effect.

Novetropin as a doping agent in bodybuilding and other sports can be very effective in increasing body mass, losing fat and building good muscle definition. It is also good for strengthening individual structures of the body and treating injuries and more. These are just some of the possible reasons why people start using the substance in sports practice.

Young people and adolescent children whose bone growth areas have not yet closed can significantly increase their linear growth (height gain) if they take the medicine. This can happen mainly due to the accelerated development of the long bones of the limbs.

In sports, preparations containing growth hormone can be used by women for weight loss and other purposes, as well as by men for a variety of tasks. The effectiveness of GH (growth hormone) is beyond doubt, and has long been proven not only by reviews or research, but also by long-term practical application.

For athletes, it is recommended that the application of Novetropin be prolonged. The approximate duration of the course should be about 3 months. It can be slightly smaller or larger depending on the needs of the athlete. Everything is very individual.

Too long duration of hormone administration will not bring practical benefit, as the body has the property of getting used to its effects. On the contrary, it could lead to the emergence of undesirable consequences.

After the end of the course with Novetropin, it is recommended to rest for a period equal to the period of taking the drug. In other words, if the course of application lasted about 3 months, the break should also last at least 2-3 months to restore sensitivity to growth hormone.

The recommended dosage in sports is around 2-4 units per day. Doses can vary upwards or downwards depending on the athlete’s experience and goals. In any case, the course should start with a minimum dose, gradually increasing the amount of the drug until reaching what is necessary for the person taking it. The course with Novetropin, of course, has some contraindications when the use of the preparation is prohibited. The drug should not be taken when there is an oncological disease or in case of severe infectious diseases, shock states, closed pineal gland.

In women, it is not recommended to take growth hormone when pregnant or breastfeeding. With great care, the drug should be used in hypothyroidism, intracranial hypertension and diabetes. In order to choose the most effective way of taking Novetropin, you need to learn with which preparations it is possible and necessary to combine it. For this purpose, you can contact our consultants.

However, in some cases, Novetropin can lead to unwanted side effects, especially with a predisposition or violation of recommended doses. Among the possible side effects of using the drug, we can list the following:

  • tunnel syndrome
  • increased blood pressure
  • fluid retention.

There is also a possible risk of hyperglycemia and thyroid suppression. Abuse of the drug can lead to an increase in side effects at the expense of the desired effect.

How to store growth hormone undiluted:

Recommended conditions – temperature from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, in a dry and dark place.

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