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Testo P 100 by NovePharm is a powerful fast-acting anabolic steroid at an affordable price. Testosterone Enanthate has a strong effect and causes a large increase in muscle mass …

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Testo P is a quality Testosterone Propionate from NovePharm with a good price for its class! Strong fast-acting anabolic and androgenic steroid. Its intake leads to rapid muscle growth and increased strength.

Testosterone Propionate NovePharm is a quality product for fast gaining muscle mass and strength. It is the fastest form all of testosterone, which athletes believe is the lightest. This is because the rapid action of the propionate ester allows the intake to be controlled more easily in case side effects occur.

Testo P by NovePharm is a product with strong anabolic and androgenic action. Its intake leads to a fast and solid increase in muscle mass, size and strength. Despite its high propensity for aromatization and related side effects, it is widely used by bodybuilders and fitness trainers. It achieves the same results as other forms of Testosterone, but the main factor for its high rating is speed.

Testosterone Propionate NovePharm, unlike other types of testosterone, such as Cypionate or Enantate has a fast action. The disadvantage of this product is that it requires frequent injections, which creates inconvenience and the injection sites must be alternated. The good thing is that in case of intolerance or the appearance of side effects, it can quickly stop, and take the necessary measures. Those who are more sensitive to androgenic steroids and those who are looking for safety should take Nolvadex and/or Proviron during a Testosterone cycle. This way they will be able to feel the power of Testosterone, protecting themselves from unwanted side effects.

The normal dose is 1 injection of 1ml every other day or every two days. Advanced bodybuilders with experience take Testosterone Propionate every day. The drug suppresses its own testosterone production, which requires the use of post-steroid therapy at the end of the cycle.

As with all testosterone products, so with the use of Testo Propionat, side effects may occur. The most common side effects are acne and oily skin. Sensitive individuals who do not take precautions may develop gynecomastia. It is possible for people who are genetically predisposed to baldness to have increased hair loss.

Detection time in the body:

Athletes who are undergoing a doping test must know that testosterone propionate can be found and detected in the body up to three weeks after the last injection.

Testosterone Propionate by NovePharm / Testo Rapid, like other testosterone products, has strong anabolic and androgenic properties. Its use, accompanied by good nutrition and exercise regime leads to a significant increase in muscle mass and greatly increases strength.

Testosterone Propionate is one of the best mass-building anabolics known to man. Testosterone should be at the heart of any steroid mass cycle. One of the best and most effective combination with Testosterone Propionate is the addition of Deca Durabolin and Methandienone.


⇒ Detailed information about Testosterone Proponate

The materials on the site are for informational and educational purposes, do not constitute medical advice, incentives or recommendations. The information (side effects from AAS) provided describes the negative effects of doping well enough so that consumers can make their own decisions in the interests of their health and safety. Consumers should consult a doctor before resorting to any preparations. The decision to purchase, take and use anabolic androgenic steroids is solely the responsibility of the user and this site holds no such responsibility!

Testosterone propionate has a strong effect on protein synthesis, resulting in a drastic increase in muscle mass and strength.
The drug regulates sperm production, enhances sexual desire, increases aggression, reduces sensitivity to pain, stimulates the sebaceous glands in the skin, and stimulates the secretion of pheromones.

Testosterone propionate has a rapid action and begins to act 2-3 hours after injection, up to 42 -72 hours after. This requires frequent injections.

It is used mainly in cycles to increase muscle mass and increase strength, but is often used in cycles for definition, stopping 10 days before the race to get the water out of the tissues.

After a cycle with any type of Testosterone, it is desirable to use Testosterone stimulating products such as Pregnil and / or Clomid (Clomid / Nolvadex) to avoid post-steroid breakdown.

Intake and dosage:

The normal dose is 1 injection of 1ml every other day or every two days. Advanced bodybuilders with experience take Testosterone Propionate every day. The drug suppresses its own testosterone production, which requires the use of post-steroid therapy at the end of the cycle

One of the best and most effective combination in a cycle with Testosterone Propionate is the addition of Deca Durabolin and Methane. This can be avoided by concomitant use of anti-estrogens such as Nolvadex and Proviron, for example. Also, with high doses and prolonged use, the body’s natural production of testosterone will decrease. To avoid this, Pregnyl and Clomid are used during and / or after the steroid cycle.

Side Effects:
Anabolic steroids and their possible side effects can affect individuals in different ways. This means that not only the positive effects and action of anabolics may be different, but the manifestation of side effects is different.

Possible side effects and side effects when taking Testosterone Propionate:

Water retention, acne and oily skin, gynecomastia in sensitive individuals, increased aggression, nervousness, prostate problems when used by older men, frequent – prolonged painful erections of the penis (priapism), reduced sperm count, in genetically predisposed to baldness is possible intensification of hair loss, elevated levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, premature sexual development when used in younger boys.

Like all products that contain Testosterone Propionate is highly anabolic and androgenic. Its use is accompanied by water retention in the tissues, due to which you may notice swelling. In the main period for gaining mass, this is not a problem, but in preparation for the race (relief phase), water retention is not desirable. Therefore, this Testosterone Propionate is mainly used during the period of growth and gaining muscle mass.

Testosterone Propionate is a strong product and is prone to aromatization (conversion to estrogen). Used properly and in normal doses, it is good for gaining weight, but in high doses, the aromatization becomes too high and the risk of estrogen-related side effects increases. It is possible the appearance of gynecomastia, which is so unpleasant for every man. This should be clear to more sensitive individuals, who should take Proviron with them to prevent gynecomastia from occurring at the first symptoms.


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